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"Persimmon told us that if we were unhappy with our building being freehold then we could buy the lease. They never mentioned that they would take the opportunity to 1) retain the ability to charge us for every amend we wanted to make for our home, 2) that they could possess our home at short notice and 3) that we would remain liable for an uncapped service charge regardless.



"I was told that my house was a "virtual freehold". Now I discover that I'm tied to ever growing ground rents and bound by a lengthy list of restrictions about what I can do to my own home."



"I was told by Persimmon that I could only buy a leasehold home. Turns out that they were simply flogging as many as possible before they were banned by law and other people were able to buy theirs as freehold."



What we're going to do

  • 1

    Collate your stories

    Gather the evidence and get legal advice around making the case watertight. 

  • 2

    Submit a formal group complaint through public bodies

    Similar to the recent case here, we plan on complaining through Trading Standards initially.

  • 3

    Hire a law firm and sue

    If all else fails, we'll fund a test case through the courts

Our Aims

Freeholdshould be given to all current leaseholders without cost  
Onerousand unfair terms should be removed from all current and existing leases  
Compensationshould be paid where onerous leasehold terms remain in force to bring homes in line with the current market value imposed by these terms


  • I've bought the Freehold already can I still make a claim?

    Yes, if you were mislead at any stage of the purchase of the property regardless of when you bought the freehold we want to hear from you.
  • I knew it was a Leasehold can I still make a claim?

    Yes. Perhaps you were lied to that they were selling only Freeholds on the estate from that point on, perhaps you simply weren't given full the full story to the rules they would write into your lease, perhaps you were told when you'd handed money over already so you couldn't back out. We still want to hear from you!

What we need you to do


1. Tell us your story

You're not alone. Persimmon have confirmed in writing that they use standard contracts. This means that what affects you affects hundreds, if not thousands, of other people. Singularly, they can and do ignore us. Together lets make our voices heard.

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2. Share the news

As mentioned, you're not alone. Let's add even more voices to our cause and get this sorted for once and all. 

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3. Donate to our fundraiser (Coming Soon)

If we need to we fully intend to seek legal redress through the courts for the appalling way in which we have been treated by a company that gives out £100m+ in government funded bonuses by screwing their customers. However as we're currently approaching public bodies we're not asking for donations at this time.

Image by Sabine Peters, https://www.kredite.org/

Submit your story

If you, like many others, feel that Persimmon have mis-sold you a leasehold property please let us know about it. Send us the details on the right. Please also let us know if you'd like your story shared or would prefer to stay anonymous.

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*By submitting your story you give permission for it to be shared with any relevant public body (e.g Local Authority, Trading Standards) and any hired Law Firm for the purpose of pursuing a compensation case against Persimmon. If you wish to retract your story or amend your preferences please contact us at moc.liamg%40nommisrepybdlossim